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Motorcycle Repair and Service, Towing and Storage in Essex County. Come discover Johnny Cycle Motorcycle Recovery located in Newark, New Jersey. Family owned and operated business with over 19 years of experience in the industry. Everyone who walks in is treated like family. We treat your bike as if it were our own.

Johnny Cycle offers a variety of services including scheduled maintenance; all types of repairs including Harley Davidson electronic diagnostics, accident repairs, exhaust pipe installations; chrome customizing, polishing and chroming. Additionally, we offer emergency towing and point to point transport. Motorcycle storage also available.

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18 Ropes Place

Newark, NJ 07107

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Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Friday
8:00 am to 6:30 pm

8:00 am to 2:00 pm

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Contact Us Today At 973-485-1261

Email: Johnnycycle@verizon.net

If you need someone qualified to work on your bike, then stop by our shop.
We offer a wide variety of motor oils and filters, transmission oil, chain case lubricants, featuring Amsoil™.

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25 Testimonials for Johnny Cycle

  • Abdul-Aleem Ahmad Muhammad Says:

    All I can say is thanks Jonny Harley Davidson was over charging me for work on my Road King and the wait to get my bike back was one to two weeks. Johnny is a life saver I bring my bike in and get the work done in a timely manner at a fair price. I give him ***** for his professional performance!!!

  • Peter Says:

    Let me first say when you meet John you will know he really loves his work. John helped me out with a Road King I bought in another city by picking the bike up and bringing it into his shop. The bike was road worthy in a day with new tires and some repairs. Thanks John ! I will be back.

  • Sylia Francis Says:

    I’ve been to two other shops before I brought my Honda Shadow 750 to Johnny’s Cycle. As a woman rider, I’ve felt as if the dudes are talking above my head but I was treated with the utmost respect here. I stored my bike here during the winter, had to have a battery and left rear turn signal replaced along with a new windshield. All exciting and when I went to pick up the bike for the summer, Johnny had it ready to go!!!! From both Johnny and Rosa, his wife, I’v received nothing but professionalism and encouragement as a new rider. I can’t imagine that I will ever take my bike any place else. If you want the best care at sensible prices – there is no other mechanic in NJ to go to.

  • Christopher Shelton Says:

    I brought in my 2004 FLSTF with a serious electrical shorting problem caused by an inexperienced technician installing 16” ape hangers. John diagnosed the problem and had it fixed in record time. Anyone who has come into a situation like another worker’s shoddy work knows that this is no easy task. John is a consummate professional who only does work the correct way. He’s an invaluable asset to the North Jersey bike community and the only guy I’ll ever let work on my bike again.

  • Circe Says:

    I have owned my baby since 1990, but last few years, OK maybe a few more than a few, have been rough for her and she has been on blocks waiting for the right person to help me get her back up again. That person is John.
    As a woman I haven’t found NJ to be the friendliest place for a girl who has a squirrelly bike and I can use two hands to count the number of shops I have been to who have “fixed my bike”. My world changed from black and white to technicolor in relation to bike repair when I went in to talk to John. From the start John and Paul were upfront about what it could take to get such an old bike (’88) back in form, but they sensed her importance to me. John came out to pick her up with his amazing rescue truck, and less than two weeks later I was back in the saddle, with shaking knees after not riding for so long, and she felt amazing. John and Paul examined my bike with a fine toothed comb and determined the root of her problems, finding the tracks of previous non-fix fixes along the way, and brought her back to life – she is no longer squirrelly! I could not be happier. And it still cost less than I anticipated!
    As a woman rider it is great to deal with a straight talking team who only care about making sure the rider is happy on a safe bike and who don’t assume that a woman doesn’t know what she is talking about when describing bike issues.
    Thanks a million guys – my bike will not be going to any other shop and I will be telling the world about how great you are!!

  • Ron Putnam Says:

    Johnny’s Cycle is the best. I bought an old 1989 rusted sportster. One call to johnny’s shop and he came from Newark to Middlesex county with his professional truck and picked up my bike. I knew my old bike was hurting and rusty. John made me feel like my bike was number one. He and Paul worked so hard to find the proper parts and put my bike not only together but did special things to my ride that no one else would do to such an old bike. John and Paul spent countless hours on my machine and before I knew it gave me back a bike that is so special to me that words can’t explain. John never made me feel like it was to much work to do and not worth it. Best of all was when he said he would clean all the rust off her and paint her with special paint. I shopped around prior to calling John. No one was interested in helping me. I now have a beautiful looking older bike that turns heads everywhere I go and I am so proud to ride. Johnny is a bike owners GOD. Pauls knowledge is unsurpassable. Thanks John and Paul from the bottom of my heart. Best of all after all the hard work they did was the cost. I know have a super sexy ride and still have money in my pocket to take the wife out to diner. Thanks John and Paul!!! You guys are the Bike Gods of New Jersey!!! So when you need the best service at prices that can’t be beat, call Johnny Cycle! You won’t regret it…

  • Shinard Woody Says:

    Had 2 new tires installed he did a great job. Even tighten up a few things for me. His price was about $50+ lower than M Mall down the road. Really nice guy no complaints here. 06 Sv650

  • michael grant Says:

    I think they should change the name to family cycles because that’s the way you feel when you walk into the shop.I bought my bike in and I had a mechanic work on my bike before I bought it to johnnys cycle,john went over the whole bike and got in running like a purring kitten,john found so many things wrong with the bike and corrected every problem,i feel so safe on my bike because of johns expertise,there only one person that will ever work on my bike and that is john.thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

  • Ronnie Says:

    John is a very nice guy, They did a great job on my bike. He didn’t over charge for parts and labor. “Johnny Cycle” is where I will always bring my bike. Thanks John! Sorry it took so long for me to leave my testimony.

  • Harald, from Bavaria Says:

    I own a 07 Wide Glide. John looked after the bike for one year, between my trips along the East Coast, New England and to Chicago/St. Louis. While in storage the bike got new tires, 20.000 mls maintenance and a new handlebar. My Harley was ready to go, whenever I arrived und ran perfect. John is dependable, highly skilled in his business and a helpful and friendly guy. I can strongly recommend him and his business.

  • Glenn Grise Says:

    I have an 03 custom soft tail never wired properly from day one.Tired of the issues.brought my bike to John.per my request,had the wire stripped & wired from scratch.I am a very happy biker.Bikes runs great, better than ever,feels good,looks good,sounds great,rides even better.Most of this testimonial goes to that pit bull in the back room that did the wiring.In a non gay way I love you guys.THANK YOU.WE WILL DO BUSINESS AGAIN.

  • Johnny Says:

    Dear ACW,

    Andrew allow me set the record straight.

    1) The price I quoted you was for a straight tire change sans any difficulty or additional work on any bike, sight unseen. Some bikes require more labor for various reasons. That was a standard quote, not an exact amount.

    2) You brought your own tire and inner tube in. I have it clearly posted that there would be a labor surcharge of 10% for customers who bring their own parts. This is a motorcycle shop and we do sell parts also. However, I did not charge you the surcharge.

    3) The additional work which was required to remove your rear wheel included moving your exhaust pipe out of the way to access your axle. Also, your rear axle was “frozen” or rusted in the hub/spacers. This required an extraordinary amount persuasion and care in removing your axle without damaging it or your bike. Lastly, your rim had rust on it. I removed the rust with a wire wheel prior to installing the rim band, tube and tire you provided. Then the wheel/tire was computer balanced and re-installed on your bike. Incidentally, the rear axle was cleaned of the corrosion on it on a wire wheel and smeared with an anti-seize compound prior to reinsertion in the hub. This prevents corrosion form re-occurring and facilitates axle removal the next time the tire needs to be changed. The axle nut was then torqued.

    4)The bike was then test ridden. This not only scuffs the new tire thread, but it enables me to “feel” the bike out for other potential problems it may have and bring it to your attention.

    All this was done for $28.00 dollars more than I quoted you without first seeing your bike. I personally don’t feel that I overcharged you for the work. I also detailed to you at the time you picked up your bike the work which was performed. If you feel unsatisfied with our work, you have the option of taking your bike else where. At this shop we pride ourselves with the upmost quality work, with well seasoned technicians and informing our customers in detail in plain English of what was done to their bikes. I thank you for bringing your bike to our shop and wish you many happy, uneventful miles on it.

    Best regards,


  • ACW Says:

    I meant to say my exhaust was NEVER touched* ACW

  • ACW Says:

    I wouldn,t let him work on my bike again, the price he quote me was different from the price I paid and he claimed he had to performed extra work like removing my exhaust, my exhaust was touched as there was enough room to do the required work, he even told me that in the AM as he looked at it, he since changed is tune and charged extra for work that was never performed, I have proof that he never touched the exhaust.

  • Frank Says:

    I want to thank John and his partner for the great job they did putting a 103 kit on my bike. John called me when the parts came in and they finished the job two days later. The work they did was high quality and my bike runs fantastic!

  • AL Martin AKA AJ Says:

    I haven’t had this kind of trust in a repair shop sense I bought my first Benz 20 Years ago and now, even my Benz dealer don’t offer this kind of quality service anymore, great service John keep it up.

  • Greg Says:

    After unsuccessfully trying to install new pushrods on my RoadKing I took it John and he had it running great. Thanks John and Paul for a job well done.

  • Jeremy Lewis Says:

    My bike wouldn’t start when it was time to leave work…I think the recitfier/regulator went bad. Either way… I got referred to Johnny Cycles for towing. John came to my location within record timing and pampered my ride right into the back of his truck. Great service, punctual, John is a cool dude and he and the company knows how to pamper your ride, especially for towing/transport. I highly recommend him. Best experience I ever had.

    Thanks John

  • Frank Says:

    I am bringing in my bike this weekend. The reason I am bringing it to “Johnny’s” is because he was the only shop to take time out of their day to discuss my bike and the work i needed done. All the other shops I called answered by saying bring it in and we will do the work your need. Johhny went over what I should do first how much it might cost (estimate) and even gave some good recomendations. He made me feel like an appreciated customer before I even became a customer. Thanks Johhny. Can’t wait to bring my bike in and even more cant wait to get back.

  • Larry Sitten Says:

    Met John when he was with harley. He has been working on my bike and my son’s bike since then. can’t ask for a straighter shooter than john. he works on your ride until it is the way it should be. it’s nice to know that old school ethics still exists at his shop.

  • Jorge "PigPen" RSBT.FUMF Nomad Says:

    Hey John,
    The Softail is riding like new again. put on about 400 miles or so since I picked her up, the handlebars haven’t budged, and I can finally take the potholes again. Not only did you find problems that I wasn’t aware of ie. (the axle spacer and the headlight) but you even wiped her down enough to see the chrome again. hah hah. Thanks a ton man, I’ll certainly be coming back to your shop again. Nice to see people that actually know their stuff are still out there.


    Had new handlebars put on my 09 V-Star and the work was perfectly done.
    The bike handles so nice now that it feels like 15 years ago.
    I am a thoroughly satisfied customer and would recommend Johnny to anyone needing custom or stock work done.
    Thanks again…
    The Chairman

  • Jim Gaffney Says:

    Only two people in the world touch my Street Glide..me and Johnny Cycle…. and that’s just the way it is….

  • JT Says:


    Thanks for the professional delivery of my FXDL to Savannah! You ensured my bike and personal effects were shipped safe & sound.

    I have really appreciated your long-term dedication to me as a customer and I will recommend you to all my NY/NJ friends.

    All the best and I’ll keep in touch from the sunny Southland.


  • Mike Says:

    John has great experience working with bikes of all kind. I had various work done over time, and he always makes me a happy customer. Thanks John!

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